Another Masterful Hairline Restoration

Restoring your hairline is one of the quickest ways to also restore your look and reverse your age. The hairline frames your entire face and when it starts to fade, your confidence may as well. This patient’s hairline was starting to thin and develop areas of patchiness, which is why he came to see Dr. Bolton. After 1 procedure, he now has a fully-restored, thick hairline that is void of all patches. Congratulations!

Before / After


6 thoughts on “Another Masterful Hairline Restoration”

  1. Hair restoration is one of the best solution to keep personality more attratvie. Similary best Dubai hair transplant is offering same solutions to such baldness problems. You can visit to see their clients reviews and their all procedures which they are offering to overcome baldness.

  2. The results are really amazing. I have a query. Does this procedure work for complete baldness? will the results be natural and permanent?

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