Tony’s Continued Progress – Update 5 1/2 Months After Second Procedure!

Tony has been checking in with us every couple of weeks after his hair transplant procedure and his results are incredible! If you’d like to read his initial post, click here.

We really appreciate when our patients send in pictures throughout their recovery so we can check in on them and see how the results are progressing. It gives prospective patients an excellent insight into what the can expect before and after the procedure.


3 Months

“Typically, nothing much has happened at the 90 day point with most patients, and sometimes it’s still another 30 days (the 4 month mark) before hair really starts to grow in noticeably.

However, and thankfully, I’ve seemed to beat those odds! I started seeing hairs come in a little over 2 months. I already have a lot of newly transplanted hairs growing along and behind the remade the hairline. A few hairs started growing right from the start in January and never fell out. They have pretty long growth by now. Some of the new hairs are only beard length.

They don’t have their thickness, or fullness yet, but they will continue to mature over the upcoming months.”

4 Months

6 Months

Before / 8 Months

Update 5 1/2 Months After Second Procedure!


Before / 12 Months – Second Procedure