Patient Gets His Old Hairline Back After Hair Transplant

If your hairline isn’t where it used to be, you have legitimate options to get it back. This patient was severely receded in the frontal portion of his head and was able to restore his natural hairline by getting one hair transplant done with Dr. Bolton. Imagine the difference in appearance you could achieve with a restored hairline. Congratulations to this patient and Dr. Bolton on another successful result.


8 Months


Unsatisfied With Another Doctor’s Work? Corrective Hair Transplants Are Dr. Bolton’s Specialty

Patient flew in from out of the area to ensure his transplant this time went better then his first local transplant.  The patient was not happy with the results. It lacked density and the scar was larger then he expected.

His goal was to strengthen his hair line, fix the scar and get as much density and coverage as possible.