Restored Youth After A Single Hair Transplant

This patient looks like a completely different person after his MaxHarvest™ hair transplant performed by Dr. Brett Bolton. He flew in from Northern California and has completely transformed his look in just 9 short months.


9 Months


European Patient Takes Advantage Of Our MaxHarvest Plus™ Hair Transplant

This is a MaxHarvest Plus™ case of over 12,000 hairs. This patient flew in from Europe, as there is nobody in Europe who can move anywhere close to this amount of hair in one session. Not only does Dr. Bolton move more hair then anybody but this case was done in less then 5 hours from start to finish! The patient has requested anonymity, so please excuse the limited detail in these photos.




Sit Back And Relax!

Dr. Bolton and I were surprised to see that one of the things that patients liked most about their procedures was the unlimited snack bar and drinks. They felt that this was a nice addition to the big screen TV, countless DVDs, CD’s, Pandora, Netflix and the doctor and staff’s undivided attention. We strive to make the procedure enjoyable and relaxing, but let’s not forget the real reason patients fly in from around the world; the results!