Full Head Tattoo Turned Into Full Head Of Hair

Many people are under the impression that there are no legitimate hair restoration options available, due to the many failures and poor doctors in the industry. This patient had his head tattooed to give the impression that he had the hairline pictured in his “before” pictures.

Dr. Bolton was able to fill in the tattooed area with the patient’s own hair and cover virtually his entire head in 1 procedure. There are incredible hair restoration options available, but it’s almost impossible to find another doctor capable of achieving the results that Dr. Bolton consistently gets his patients.

Before / After


Absolute Disaster – FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

This patient was kind enough to let us use his photo of his 5,000 graft FUE hair transplant in Turkey. Unfortunately, before the results even grow in, we know this case is a disaster.



The area that this patient is trying to cover is much too large to cover with FUE procedures. This procedure is even more of a disaster because of the severe damage that has taken place in the donor area. There will not be very many options for this patient moving forward, and we know he will not get the result he is looking for.

If you are looking to cover a large area, FUT hair transplants performed by the best doctors in the world are the only way to get a desirable result. Do not try to cut corners when it comes to getting your hair back. One mistake like this could prevent you from reaching your hair restoration goals.

Please look through our videos and watch the transformations that our patients are achieving with our MaxHarvest™ hair transplant procedure.



Budget Doctors Will Get You Budget Results

This was sent in by a prospective patient who wanted to get our advice on his procedure.   The procedure was done 5 months ago in Turkey, and I told him his growth is just beginning. However, the hairline appears to be far too straight, which will look unnatural when it grows in. The positioning of the grafts on the top of his head appear to be spread thin, with no artistic thought.   The donor area is severely damaged and far from scar-less, even though most FUE hair transplants are marketed to be.   Prospective patients are tempted to cut corners and save dollars by doing this procedure with the hope that they can get a quality procedure at a fraction of the cost. Unless a doctor can show many, many examples of patients with extensive hair loss, you are setting yourself up for failure. This patient shouldn’t even have been pitched FUE as an option. You cannot move an adequate amount of hair to make an impact on a patient with this much loss.



Hair Loss On The Back Of Your Head?

Losing hair in the back of your head, or crown, can be just as devastating as the front of your head. Constantly worrying about turning your back can be daunting and stressful. Dr. Bolton specializes in this area by recreating the spiral to give natural and undetectable results.

This patient had a prior hair transplant in New York and the doctor left him with an unsightly scar. Dr. Bolton was able to remove the previous scar and fill the frontal hairline and this patient’s crown, all in 1 procedure.

This patient chose to remain anonymous, so we can’t show the frontal hairline, but he was ecstatic with the results he achieved and the fact that we were able to accomplish all of his goals.

Before / After


Reverse Hair Loss With A Customized Hair Transplant

By working with the best doctor in the hair restoration industry, you can completely reverse your appearance in 1 simple procedure.

This patient was already committed to the bald look and it’s clear that with what he had left, that was pretty much his only option.

1 Dr. Bolton MaxHarvest™ hair transplant later, and he has hair covering his entire head. This can easily be thickened, if the patient would like to have another procedure done, but the area covered in his first pass is incredible.

Before / After