Hair Transplant Before And After Importance

Please notice the detail and consistency of the pictures on our site. Most sites will not give you consistent pictures. The angles may not match and very rarely will they ever show the top down shot and back shot.  Most websites don’t give you all the information you should need to truly evaluate a doctor’s work.

What doctor did the procedure of the patient you are looking at?  Is it one procedure or multiple procedures?  How many hairs did the patient get? Graft counts are vague or imprecise and subject to manipulation.

You should ask for many pictures and ensure that they are consistent in how they are taken in regards to angles, lighting, and you should see every position.

This patient just came in for his 6 month check-up after his second procedure.

Before / After


It’s All About The Results

We are always asked all kinds of different questions when people are inquiring about a hair transplant. It’s very simple. Look at the results. We have the largest online library of patients with the best results. We have done procedures on every single type of patient, with every single type of loss, and every single type of hair. There simply is no comparison.

Forget all of the gimmicks and marketing pitches. There is no need to try Acell, PRP, or scalp exercises. There is only 1 proven way to restore your hair. The results speak for themselves.



Napalese Patient’s MaxHarvest Plus™ Hair Transplant Results At Halfway Point

The Maxharvest Plus™ is possibly capable of covering an entire scalp of a patient with advanced hair or significant hair loss.  Because Dr. Bolton is able to move so many hairs (up to 14,000) in less then 6 hours, patients are less likely to come back the next year or years to transplant into the crown (back area).  

This makes it more efficient, less time consuming, less costly, and results in a much higher rate of patient satisfaction versus the typical FUE or FUT procedure which we consider low yield see through hair results.  This patient still has at least another 6 months of growth!  The patient is also able to wear his hair short and there are no scar issues at all.

The Plan


Before / 6 Months

Before / After


Are FUE Hair Transplants Really Scar-less?

Hair plugs were one of the first hair transplant methods available, and are notorious today, due to the damage they caused and the unnaturalness of the results that they produced. Today, FUE hair transplants are all of the buzz, when it is basically a redesigned version of the same old hair plug method. The only difference is that the punch that extracts the hair is smaller. While this might leave smaller scars, it leaves a lot more of them.

Hair Plug Scars – Larger Size, Smaller Quantity FUE Scars – Smaller Size, Larger Quantity

As someone who has been on the front line and seen every case imaginable over the last 15 years, the perception of a plug hair transplant is virtually identical to an FUE hair transplant. It causes a lot of irreversible damage to the donor area and a low quality result.

Most people are focused on the wrong aspect of these procedures. They are so worried about the scars, and forget that the reason that they are inquiring about hair transplants is to get results! When you attempt to harvest blindly, by punching out hairs, the transection rate skyrockets, destroying the hairs entirely. While they pitch the smaller punch as a benefit, it’s actually more damaging than a larger punch, in terms of transections.


Dr. Bolton’s method is far superior, because there is less scarring and damage to the donor area and hairs are not harvested outside of the safe zone. FUE commonly goes outside of this safe zone in an attempt to harvest as many hairs as possible in the targeted area.

We will put our results up against any doctor in the world. There is simply no way, with an FUE hair transplant, to get a result even close to what we yield consistently with our MaxHarvest™ hair transplant.



Hair Transplantation Is Proven To Thicken Your Hair

This patient’s results took time to reach it’s full potential. We understand that everyone wants instant fixes and immediate fixes to their hair loss problems, but to do it the correct way takes time. Each time you have a procedure in the same area, the total time to reach your full results is increased. Here is this patient’s testimonial.

Hello Josh: hope you’re doing well. I wanted to send you a text like 2 months ago, but I’m always in a hurry. I got much better results now with my hair. Last time I saw good results in 7 months only, but this time it took 18 months. It really took time. So I’m very happy with the results. Please tell Dr Bolton and show him my pics. I’m sorry I told you I wasn’t happy with the results, but a year wasn’t enough for me this time. Tell that to Dr Bolton. Thank you very much for everything, I feel much better now with my new hair and I’m looking forward to get another procedure. Take care. Look at the pics. With my hair styled after a shower.