Aldo’s Ridiculous 5 Month Transformation – World Famous Hair Transplant Results

Before / 5 Months


There is no question that Dr. Bolton does astounding work.  There is nobody consistently achieving these one procedure results.  
Three reasons:  Dr. Bolton’s talent, staff, and his methodology.  You can’t duplicate that and nobody else has that.
Dr. Bolton work is so exceptional that people question whether the photos are legitimate. You just don’t see these one procedure results, in this industry, to the extent Dr. Bolton is able to show.  In response to the skeptics, in the last two years we have documented his cases extensively on video to answer the skeptics.  We have over 50 video testimonials including some patients from the first time they came through the door to their final outcome.
I had a prospective patient who was still skeptical and requested personal photos of specific patients to see what they look like today.  He wanted to make sure they still looked like this a year later, outside of our office.  Well here you are.

Before / After


Young African American Female’s Hair Transplant Results

We constantly receive questions about hair transplant limitations due to hair types. Regardless of your hair type, we are able to completely restore your hair with our patented hair transplant methods. This young woman achieved an incredible result in 1 single procedure.

We highly recommend that you reach out to us if you have any questions about your particular hair style or type, so that we can evaluate your case individually, but rest assured that we have performed hair transplants on almost every single candidate out there with incredible results.

Before / After