The Basic Healing Process Of A Hair Transplant

In these photos you will actually see the patient immediately after his procedure and you can see the placement of grafts. The 2nd photo is ten days after the procedure and you can see how quickly you heal from the procedure. The last photo is 11 months after the procedure whereby the patient filled in his thin areas completely in one procedure and has a donor scar that can’t be found.


10 Days Post-Op

Final Result


A Proven Method To Thicken Your Hair

This result is after just one procedure. There is zero detect-ability that this patient has had a hair transplant. You won’t find the donor scar, and even if he told people he had a transplant, most people wouldn’t believe him.
When you have dark hair and a light scalp there is higher likelihood of a detectable hair transplant. If every hair is not angled perfectly and if the frontal hair line is not strictly micro-grafted you will not achieve a natural result. Not only is this result flawless, but Dr. Bolton was also able to achieve a high level of density in one procedure. This is beyond impressive, but unfortunately, not common for other doctors to attain this result for their patients. If you want results like this you need Dr. Bolton.




Pluggy Hair Transplant Correction

Unfortunately, we see many prospective patients who have learned the hard way that all doctors are not equal in talent or skill. More then half the patients we work on have had a prior surgery elsewhere and are now in a corrective mode. The “cheap” surgery is not really cheap. Most of these gentleman are spending their hard earned money, anywhere from $3,000 to $12,000 with the average at $6,000. They are saddened by the fact that not only did they not get a substantial result, but their donor area is now damaged. They got poor growth, hairs that grow at improper angles, large scars, and instrument marks on the top of their head.
Be careful, because you have a better chance of a poor result then a good result. There are more poor quality hair doctors then excellent ones.




Questions About Hair Transplantation From A Prospective Patient

Dr. Bolton was recently contacted and asked permission to showcase his work in a new article highlighting different types of hair loss, restoration, and masking methods. He was primarily featured in the restoration category, having one of his patients showcased, with his incredible before and after results.

It is an honor to be featured in articles and help to promote this industry in the most positive and educational ways.


If you’d like to read the article, it can be viewed here:

Saed S, et al, Hair camouflage: A comprehensive review, International Journal of Women’s Dermatology (2016),



Reversing Your Age With A Hair Transplant

This patient completely changed his look with a single hair transplant. With his restored ability to grow hair, he is now able to style it and variate his appearance even farther.

It’s always a pleasure to see someone take 10-15 years off of their appearance in just 1 year’s time.